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Responses Due: April 28, 2017

5:00 p.m. CST

Over the past ten years, a number of Texas counties have replaced their core justice systems through Urban Counties’ TechShare program. In order to provide a complete integrated justice solution for Texas counties, software that addresses jail operations and functions associated with arrests is essential.

Historically, Urban Counties has relied on a few “funding” counties to provide the resources necessary for software development projects for TechShare resources.  Urban Counties, through a competitive process, would select a traditional vendor and contract with them for the software development process, using the standard approach and technology platform adopted by Urban Counties. The result of each project was software and other intellectual property that is held by Urban Counties on behalf of the funding and participating counties.

Through this RFP, Urban Counties is pursuing a different approach, where the selected vendor will share risk through a contractual business relationship with Urban Counties. Download the RFP to learn more about this project.

Note: Only information posted to the current web location will be considered official. Any other communication, including discussions at the pre-proposal vendor briefing, should be consider as unofficial communication and/or information and not binding on the Urban Counties or any of the individual participating counties. Any amendments, addenda or additional information regarding this solicitation, including questions submitted by potential respondents and the responses to the questions, will be posted to the current web location.

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Request for Proposals

If you are a vendor interested in collaborating with the Urban Counties to build a system to support jail operations and the overall technology requirements necessary to support an efficient and effective Sheriff’s Department, download the RFP to learn more.

ACMS Strategic Plan & Roadmap

Section 1.1.3 (Common Integrated Justice System) of the proposal mentions the development of a strategic plan and “roadmap” for integrated justice among Texas counties.

Pre-Proposal Conference Materials

A vendor pre-proposal conference was held on Friday, March 24, 2017 to provide an opportunity for vendors to ask questions and obtain additional information about this RFP. Attendance at this conference was optional.

Amendement #1

This Amendment No. 1 makes changes to the Procurement Schedule found in Section 2.3 of the Request for Proposals.

Amendement #2

This Amendment No. 2 makes changes to the Procurement Schedule found in Section 2.3 of the Request for Proposals.

Amendement #3

This Amendment No. 3 makes changes to the Procurement Schedule found in Section 2.3 of the Request for Proposals.










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