TechShare is committed to building technology solutions where counties control their own destiny. We think like counties because our priorities are set and driven by counties.


Because our team works directly with the counties, we build specialized solutions that meet county-specific needs. End user feedback is collected throughout the entire project, and continues on an ongoing basis once implemented.

Shared Cost

Since counties save money by sharing the cost of research and development, they can acquire solutions at a fraction of the cost they might incur through a traditional vendor.
We’ve been partnering to create software that we all use throughout the state. It’s truly been a collaborative effort. B. Glen Whitley

County Judge, Tarrant County

We are developing software that we need; software that we would have either had to develop on our own or buy from somebody else. To get money back for doing something that we would have had to do anyway…that’s a good deal.

Roy Charles Brooks

Commissioner, Tarrant County, Precinct 1

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard ‘no’ from TechShare; I can’t say the same about software vendors I’ve worked with before.

  Randall Sims

District Attorney, Potter & Armstrong Counties

Improved efficiency, productivity, document management, and compliance with state regulations are just a few of the benefits of joining the TechShare program. Some other key benefits include:

  • Empower counties to control their destiny
  • Software solutions developed at a fraction of the cost
  • Intellectual property is owned by the counties
  • Resources can be leveraged across counties
  • Specialized solutions that meet county-specific needs
  • Feedback from end users is used to increase functionality


What is the TechShare Program?

TechShare was established as a program of the Texas Conference of Urban Counties in 2004 to help counties implement advanced technology solutions. By collaborating, counties save money by sharing the cost of research and development. These projects can produce applications, systems, or other technology assets to enable more efficient processes for administration of justice. Counties outside of the program can “purchase” the software from the counties that originally funded development. The money used to develop the software is not retained by TechShare.

We are committed to building county-owned technology solutions to support local communities through cost-effective collaboration.

Who is eligible to join?

Any local government entity that can participate in an inter-local agreement under Texas law is eligible to participate in the TechShare program. When two or more Texas counties decide to develop or acquire a technology asset through TechShare, there’s an opportunity to recover some of the original funding when additional counties join the program.


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