The purpose of this program is to provide a platform to share information about at-risk youth across the state. TechShare.Juvenile increases efficiencies across counties and help to save money, time, and provide more accurate reporting to better rehabilitate youth offenders.

What is the benefit of using TechShare.Juvenile?

In addition to the integrative systems in place by JCMS.Basic, the TechShare.Juvenile provides more robust reporting, facility management, master referral, a law enforcement module, and more advanced features for managing youth from intake to rehabilitation.

Who uses TechShare.Juvenile?

Combined, 250 out of 254 counties in Texas are currently using the basic version of our software with interests to implement a similar framework in other states around the country. The following counties have extended their use to the advanced version of our system: Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant.

Do all branches of law enforcement use these systems?

Chapter 58.306 of the Texas Family Code allows counties to extend the system to all branches of law enforcement, municipal courts and school districts. In other words, these organizations have access to the system but are not required to use it. Through the Law Enforcement module in TechShare.Juvenile, agencies can file cases directly into the system (or locally within their own RMS), manage first offender programs, access jail logs, and integrate to Live Scan.

How much did it cost to develop the TechShare.Juvenile program?

Initially, the cost of development for the system was a little over $11M. Counties interested in upgrading to the more integrated system can buy-in based on population size. TechShare also offers a 10-year payout plan for counties that don’t want to incur a large expense upfront.

Court Systems

Courts manage juvenile offenders from trial through sentencing.

Juvenile Probation Departments

Juvenile probation departments have access to juvenile data from across the state. This helps staff make more informed decisions about how to proceed with individual youth.

Sheriff's Departments

Law Enforcement can file cases directly into the system, saving time for police officers and juvenile probation departments.


Schools receive reporting about juvenile offender activity within their respective districts.

Case Intake

The system integrates with Noble (a juvenile assessment tool) so that officers don’t have to spend time doing double entry.

Juvenile Services, Montgomery County

Fiscal Responsibility

The master referral has saved our county time and money because we have faster response times which means less postponements and court hearings.

Juvenile Services, Dallas County



Having the ability to see if a child has been handled by another agency has been invaluable to our department.

Juvenile Services, Denton County

Million Juvenile Records

Justice & Probation Professionals

Counties Participating

Law Enforcement Agencies

juvenile counties

Participating Counties

Combined, 250 out of 254 counties in Texas are currently using the basic version of our software with interests to implement a similar framework in other states around the country. Of these 250 participating counties, five have extended their use to the advanced version of our system.

Collin County

Population: 939,585 (2016)

Dallas County

Population: 2.57 million (2016)

Denton County

Population: 806,180 (2016)

Johnson County

Population: 163,274 (2016)

Tarrant County

Population: 2.01 million (2016)

Information Sharing• Share data between departments and agencies across the state✔︎✔︎
Search• Locate a juvenile within the county or across the state✔︎✔︎
Juvenile Identification• Capture a variety of information about a juvenile✔︎✔︎
Law Enforcement Agency Module• Administer first offender programs, jail log reporting, refer and file electronically to juvenile department and prosecutor✔︎
Standard Juvenile Probation Case Management• Caseload management, including document juvenile/family employment and income, referrals and associated offenses, detention tracking, program and supervision, fees processing and community service, JJAEP student tracking✔︎
Advanced Case Management• Electronic referrals to multiple agencies (juvenile probation, law enforcement agencies, district/county attorneys, ect.)✔︎
• Electronic referrals for victim services, mediation, ect. ✔︎
• Specialized unit referrals and psychological services✔︎
• Intake, prosecution and disposition reporting to DPS ✔︎
• Electronic disposition for reporting for JPD and prosecutor✔︎
Intake Processing• Electronic intake and processing of youth detained/released✔︎
Institution & Facility Management• Facility classification and availability✔︎
• Roster generation including meal and room rosters✔︎
• Contacts and visitor management✔︎
• Records level, infractions, sanctions, visits and phone calls ✔︎
Prosecutor Case Management• Prosecutor caseload management, including electronic filing of offenses, prepare/track petitions and motions, action and disposition reporting to DPS✔︎
District Clerk & Court• Court functions including court docket, schedule hearings, track outcomes✔︎✔︎
• Manage warrants✔︎
Municipal Courts• Municipal court interface, create and manage contact orders and statistical reporting✔︎

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