Clean Air

The Texas Clean Air Working Group has been instrumental in bringing together the various concerned entities (state officials, business leaders, local government officials, environmental groups, scientists and others) and merging their diverse opinions into a unified voice on the importance of taking timely steps to improve air quality for the people of Texas.

The Texas Clean Air Working group worked very closely with the Legislature in 2001 to establish the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) and again in 2003 to ensure full funding for TERP after some of the original funding was struck down by the courts. TCAWG is committed to working with state leaders and the Texas Legislature to fully implement the TERP program to clean the air in the nonattainment and near-nonattainment areas of the state.

Over the years, TCAWG has also worked with the legislature to implement and improve the Low-Income Repair and Replacement Assistance Program (LIRAP), which included Local Initiatives Program (LIP) that provided matching funds for TERP-like programs on the local level. Over the last several sessions, TCAWG has worked to ensure some level of funding for TERP and LIRAP during a time of substantial budget cuts.