On June 9, 2015, Dallas County Commissions Court approved moving forward with the TechShare.Court implementation projects for both Criminal and Justice of the Peace courts.

What’s the backstory?

Ever since AMCAD withdrew from the criminal justice market in June 2014, TechShare has been working with Dallas and Tarrant counties to continue moving forward with development on the TechShare.Court project. Because it was decided that the Release 1 functionality wasn’t sufficient enough for Go-Live in the Dallas County pilot courts, additional development is required. It’s estimated that the development project is six weeks behind schedule with development of Release 1.5 now targeted for mid-October.

Why do we need to build additional functionality?

AMCAD’s court case management system, AiCMS, is live and running court systems throughout the country in states like Arizona and Oklahoma. The difference is, we’re building functionality that’s specific to Texas.

Did you know…

Dallas County courts have been running on the same mainframe system for the last 30 years? Additional development of the TechShare.Court application will take Dallas courts from today’s 8 screens, approximately 80 data points, and paper files to electronic case filing, automated custody status, and more.

What are the project’s guiding principles?

  • Paper on Demand: All documents will move through the system electronically. The need to print and scan documents throughout the business process should significantly reduce.
  • Minimize Data Entry: Once data is entered into TechShare.Court, it shouldn’t require repetitive entries through supporting systems.
  • Single Application: For each new system, we will seek to retire the existing corresponding legacy system.
  • Standardized Process: Implement common business process and usage of the TechShare.Court application across various court types.

The Dallas County Criminal Courts will be rolled out in phases, beginning with a pilot program in four courts scheduled for April 2016. The remaining Criminal Courts are scheduled to be live by February 2017. The implementation project is scheduled to be complete by July 2017.

The implementation team in Dallas is currently focused on business process engineering, data conversion, system integration, and training.

For more information about TechShare.Court, contact James Hurley at jhurley@cuc.org.