As of August 2015, there are now 250 of the 254 counties in Texas accessing the same juvenile case management system. Unlike many other states in the U.S., Texas gives its counties local control over technology solutions and how they are implemented to effectively manage their respective jurisdictions. In fact, each state’s juvenile justice system varies in terms organization, administration, and—most importantly—how data about juvenile offenders and victims is collected and maintained.

When youth are referred to a county Juvenile Probation Department, an intensive assessment process begins immediately to determine the youth’s risks, needs, and criminogenic factors. Having access to comprehensive information from various sources about these children is fundamental to making informed decisions about their placement, treatment, and overall rehabilitation. This coordinated approach is invaluable to staff throughout Texas who are responsible for designing and delivering an individualized plan for every child.

JCMS was built to provide common data collection, improve reporting and address management needs of all local juvenile probation departments in the state of Texas. This web‐based solution provides counties with productivity tools, robust data sharing capabilities, strong security and data integrity, and built‐in interfaces with other entities that interact with the juvenile justice system.

There are an average of 1,735 users in the system each day (3,172 total) with access to more than 1 million juvenile records throughout the state. The total number of users will grow exponentially over the next few months as Dallas, Denton and Tarrant onboard their local law enforcement agencies to the system.

Cross-County Collaboration: because two heads are better than one 

The effort to build a new juvenile case management system in Texas began as a joint-effort between Bexar, Dallas and Tarrant counties and the State of Texas over 10 years ago. Unlike many traditional software vendors, however, TechShare projects begin with a technology need expressed by at least two or more counties. In fact, we operate as an extension of the counties, building systems directly from requirements provided by product owners in the county. Throughout the development phase, product owners play a critical role in testing, training, and ongoing improvements to the system.

Additionally, counties that originally fund the development of TechShare solutions have the potential for return on investment when additional counties come on board. Dallas and Tarrant County Commissioners Courts have received more than $500,000 each for their investment in the system when Collin and Denton Counties joined TechShare.Juvenile.

Following the presentation of the last refund check to Tarrant County in April, Judge B. Glen Whitley stated, “We’ve been partnering to create software that we all use throughout the state…It’s truly been a collaborative effort.”

What does the future of JCMS look like?

With 98% of the counties in Texas running on a common juvenile case management system, the focus has shifted to how larger counties would benefit from upgrading to the advanced version, TechShare.Juvenile.

TechShare’s advanced solution includes the basic functionality of JCMS in addition to:

  • Advanced case management for juvenile probation supervision
  • Electronic disposition reporting for juvenile intake and prosecutor for DPS
  • Pre and Post Adjudication Institution and Facility management
  • Prosecutor Case Management to record actions and decisions on cases, create petitions and motions to modify and submit filings to the clerk.
  • County/District Clerk and Court functions to receive cases and record Court Dispositions on offenses.
  • Electronic Custody Referral for Law Enforcement Agencies to TechShare.Juvenile
  • Law enforcement management of first offender programs
  • Jail logs for juvenile processing offices
  • Electronic notice of arrest and disposition to school districts
  • Integration for Municipal Courts to TechShare.Juvenile
  • Livescan interface for reporting electronic arrest records to the department of public safety
  • Forms Integration allowing a county to reuse data input into the system to populate documents used for Case Management of referred juveniles.
  • Integration through web-services to external applications such as Assessment Tools, Electronic Medical Records Systems, Court Applications etc.
  • Replicated Database returning data entered by the county on a near real-time (per second) basis for local statistical reporting and integration

Counties can choose to implement external agencies such as Law Enforcement, Municipal Courts and School Districts after their initial go live on the system.

Making the Transition to TechShare.Juvenile

Why make the transition from our basic Juvenile Case Management System (JCMS) to the advanced system, TechShare.Juvenile? Learn more from system product owners in Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant County.

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